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We’re committed to providing only the highest quality products. That’s why we are putting our Orange Vape label on all our e-liquid products. Orange Vape juices are made in the UK by one of the largest UK e-liquid manufacturers who specialize in premium e-liquids of exceptional flavour and quality.

We ensure uniformity in both flavour and consistency by adopting a rigorous testing programme, and we use the highest quality ingredients in all our mixtures, including nicotine sourced from Switzerland and flavours produced by trusted flavour houses in the UK and Europe. We work with them closely to ensure our products are of the highest quality and regulatory standards.

Extensive Flavour List and vg/pg ratio

With over 22 unique flavours, 50/50 and 70/30 vg/pg mix , we’re sure you’ll be able to find a liquid that suits your taste.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Our e-liquid is manufactured using only EP/USP pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Made in ISO class 7 Facility

We pride ourself on using the highest pharma grade production facility with ISO class 7 cleanrooms.